How should I prepare for the JEE 2021 if I have not studied well in class 11?

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JEE 2021 is going to happen in January 2021, so practically you have little less time if you have not studied well in Class XI. But now in the rest of the time which you have, you need to determine to study hard. Following are the things you need to keep in mind while you prepare for the JEE: Start ...

How can I improve my inorganic chemistry for JEE?

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Well, Inorganic Chemistry is actually the subject which is very scoring as you have to mug up most of the topics. At the same time, it is highly scorable. In fact, if you prepare it well then this subject can enhance your overall marks. This is totally Rattafication subject! So let’s come to the poi...

Which book is the best for inorganic chemistry for the JEE?

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Inorganic Chemistry is the only subject out of all others which you can mug up and still be assured to score really well. That’s actually a relief I believe for the students. There are actually quite a lot of books which are good for JEE aspirants. The only thing you need to understand is that you d...

What is the best book for physical chemistry for JEE?

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Physical Chemistry is a relatively high scoring subject than all of the other Chemistry subjects. Here you need to be thorough with Chemical Reactions and their Outputs. You can refer to our video lectures on Hellobachho App, so that you can study all the topics. We highly recommend our JEE aspirant...

How did you study organic chemistry by yourself for JEE?

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There’s a perfect recipe I have for you to be able to study Organic Chemistry all by yourself. So here’s how it goes: Start from NCERT as it forms the basics for your syllabus Pick up reference material books, it could be MS Chauhan, OP Tandon or Himanshu Pandey. They are very helpful for you to hav...


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