Which is the best book for organic chemistry theory for the JEE?

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Organic chemistry is a highly scoring subject among all three subjects for JEE exams. You can easily solve the Organic Section in your JEE exam with 20–30 min. While you practice Mock tests, target to finish this within this range. It will really be helpful for you. Once you are done with theory, yo...

Which are the best books for organic chemistry for IIT JEE?

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Most of the students preparing for IIT JEE prefers the following books for Organic Chemistry: MS Chauhan Advanced Problems- for a deeper understanding and practicing problems Himanshu Pandey Advanced Problems is great for practicing enough number of organic chemistry problems Refer to our e-learning...

What is the best book for physical chemistry for JEE?

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Chemistry is a very scoring subject in your JEE exams provided you have studied well. Books alone won’t be of much help. It is complete of things that you need to follow: NCERT Class XI and Class XII are your foundation books You’ll need reference material for Physical Chemistry: I highly recommend ...

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE): Which book should I use for the JEE physics?

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Joint Entrance Examination is one of the nation’s biggest Exam which is conducted twice a year for students who wish to become Engineers. For JEE Main, each subject holds 100 Marks each and Physics too. However, out of all 3, physics is considered more challenging than others. So here are a few thin...

How do I study for the IIT JEE physics?

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While Physics for JEE is anyway a challenging subject, it also has a very vast syllabus to cover. However, I’ll first start with the overall syllabus for both Class XI and Class XII so that you know what you have to study: Class XI Class XII Here are some of the important topics that you must really...


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