Which book should I use for NEET 2020 preparation?

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Now that very little time is left for you to prepare, here’s a list of books you can cross-check if you have been following well.

Firstly, NCERT is the bible book for NEET aspirant. However, only NCERt is not going to help you to score well in NEET exam, therefore, we recommend students to refer other materials too to support their preparations and also understand the concepts very well. Therefore, here’s a comprehensive list of books you can follow for NEET 2020 preparation:

Biology: We all know that almost 90% questions in Biology subject come from NCERT. Therefore, it is highly recommended to mug up your NCERT by heart. This means be it theory, diagrams and labelings, you need to master all of it. In addition, practice the MCQs from Fingertips by MTG. Ideally, you should target to finish the Biology section within 45 min in your final NEET exam.

Chemistry: It has 3 sub-sections; 1) For Physical Chemistry we recommend you to study both NCERT as well as OP Tandon or N Awasthi for MCQs. 2) Inorganic Chemistry- you can rely on NCERT and practice as many MCQs as possible. 3) For Organic Chemistry- OP Tandon is commonly used for detailed explanations.

Lastly, Physics is considered the most challenging subject which you cannot just mug up. You need to thoroughly understand the topics. Here NCERT will not suffice the need. You will need a reference material to practice and have a deeper understanding of the topics. For this, you may refer to D.C Pandey’s series as this is best known for the vast reference examples used for explanation. Also, Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma have chapters that are very well systematized giving examples from day-to-day life. Therefore, it is your personal choice to choose any one of them. Remember the time is little so don’t just get carried away with multiple books. Lastly, practice as many MCQs as possible from Fingertips by MTG or NEET Guide by MTG.

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