Is the NCERT enough for the 2020 NEET?

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Now that both JIPMER and AIIMS exams are eliminated and replaced only by NEET from 2020 onwards. Therefore, there’s no separate AIIMS and JIPMER exam for students who wish to take admissions in Medical college. However, there’s a slight chance that the exam might be tougher as the number of seats has also increased.

While we understand the NCERT is the bible for NEET aspirant, we also suggest students refer other materials too in order to understand the concepts very well. Therefore, here’s a comprehensive list of books along with topics for you to follow while preparing for NEET 2020.

Biology: Here NCERT plays a crucial role as 90% of the questions in Biology have always come from NCERT. Therefore, mug up your NCERT by heart including diagrams and labelings. In addition, practice the MCQs from Fingertips by MTG. Hellobachho recommends you to practice MCQs to gauge your understanding and time management. Ideally, you should be able to finish the Biology section in 45 min in your final exam.

Chemistry: comprises 180 Marks. Physical Chemistry can be done by NCERT along with OP Tandon or N Awasthi for MCQs. For Inorganic Chemistry stick to NCERT as it is the best choice. OP Tandon is commonly used for Organic Chemistry for detailed explanations of all the concepts. However, there are many students who prefer Morrison and Boyd. You may choose to study that.

Physics: Here NCERT is not sufficient. You will definitely need reference material such as D.C Pandey’s series as this is best known for the vast reference examples used for explanation. Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma have chapters that are very well systematized giving examples from day-to-day life. This book helps you with Concept Building and numerical in a very self-explanatory and engaging language. Lastly for MCQs practice, you can go for Fingertips by MTG or NEET Guide by MTG.

Important Tip:

  • Notes: Whether you are attending any coaching classes, e-learning or self-study, NOTES are important. Create notes of the formulas and diagrams you study.
  • Test Series: Practicing previous year papers such as; 10 years papers and 31 years of papers really helps you in preparing for the final exam. Try and finish these papers within 2 hr 30 min.

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