Is one month enough to just pass in the NEET 2020?

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One month is too little to start the preparations for NEET 2020.

However, if you regularly and diligently studying your NCERT during Class XI and Class XII, then I see some possibility for you to clear NEET exams.

So let’s talk about how to actually clear NEET 2020 in such a short time.

  1. Revise Notes: Have you prepared anything at all in the past? Notes play a very important role in such competitive exams. Therefore, if you have prepared anything, start revising it, if not then you can subscribe to any of our courses to get video training sessions, along with Notes and Mock Tests.
  2. Every day spend 2–3 hrs in practicing MCQs for all important topics. This will help you significantly while you are appearing for the exams.
  3. Try and practice at least on Mock Tests or Previous Year Paper on a daily basis because, at this crucial stage, you need this. Of course, as your preparation is not as strong as other students who have been studying throughout the year, you need to practice and identify the topics you can improve.
  4. Do not get carried away by mistakes and errors.
  5. Be kind to yourself

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