How to Study Physics for NEET 2021?: Preparation Tips from Experts & Toppers

The physics section can be a nightmare for most medical aspirants in the absence of a good preparation strategy. Read expert and topper suggested tips on how to study Physics for NEET 2021 here.

Wed Feb 17, 2021

How to study Physics for NEET 2021, a question that haunts the minds of many medical aspirants. 

Most medical aspirants fear Mathematics and want to avoid subjects that involve numbers. 

When Physics is introduced to them in Class 11, the first few chapters remind them of Mathematics, and thus the fear comes back. 

 At this stage, it is important to understand that these two subjects may look similar but they are very different from each other. 

 While Mathematics is all about formulas and number crunching, NEET Physics needs to be understood before you start attempting questions. has compiled the tips suggested by the experts and toppers in this article to help the candidates prepare for NEET Physics. 

NEET 2021 is scheduled to be conducted on May 2 (tentatively). 

According to the exam pattern of NEET 2021, there will be 45 questions in the Physics section. 

Each question in NEET will be for 4 marks and every incorrect answer will cost a candidate 1 mark. 

According To me, anything above 140 marks is considered a good score in NEET Physics. 

To score more than 140, you need 36 – 38 correct answers in this section, taking into account the negative marking. So, how to prepare for NEET Physics and get the perfect score?

What Makes Physics Difficult For Medical Aspirants And How To Approach The Subject?

Physics is difficult for those who do not understand the concepts behind it. 

When the concepts are clear, one starts to enjoy Physics. 

What makes this subject difficult for the students is their approach. 

They try to understand the concepts of Physics by solving the questions, whereas, it should be the other way round. 

Focus more on concepts and try to understand the process of derivation. 

These will help you solve most of the questions in the NEET Physics sections.

How to prepare for NEET Physics: Preparation Tips for Beginners

As mentioned in the introduction section, the first chapters that introduce Physics to a candidate are generally Mechanics, calculus, etc. 

These have a lot of number crunching which brings back memories of Mathematics. 

This is when the candidate draws similarities between the two subjects and starts treating Physics like Mathematics. 

They forget that unlike Mathematics, Physics has concepts too. This wrong fundamental takes their preparation on a different track.

Avoid Extremism


Candidates preparing for NEET Physics can be divided into two categories, those who spend too much time on Physics and those who avoid solving questions from Physics. Being on either side here will not help. Physics constitutes only 25% of the questions in NEET 2021, which means by spending too much time on this subject you will jeopardize the chances of doing well in the other 75%. Candidates must divide their time equally among all three subjects.

Competing with Those Preparing For JEE

It is important to remember that you are not appearing for an engineering entrance examination. Many candidates start preparing NEET Physics section in the company of someone who is preparing for JEE. They also refer to the question papers of JEE Main/Advance for their preparation. One must understand that NEET Physics has a completely different pattern and expectation level. Solving the questions papers of JEE Main is still acceptable, but don’t torture yourself by attempting questions of JEE Advance level.

Avoid Books That Are Used by JEE Aspirants

At all times remember that NEET Physics does not require you to solve numerical of JEE Advance level. Candidates preparing for the engineering entrance examinations have a stronghold of Mathematics, whereas, those preparing for NEET generally do not opt for Mathematics after Class 10. Thus, comparing your knowledge of Physics with theirs is not justified. Stick the books that have been recommended for NEET Physics only. Saving time here will help you prepare for the other two sections as well.

Keep A List Of All The Formula


Toppers suggest making a list of all the important formulas that you find in a chapter in the end. Keep this list handy while solving the questions. Refer to the list while solving questions at all times. This will help you retain this information better.

Steps to retain the concepts (Sequence of events, as suggested by toppers)

· Start with the NCERT book

· Read and understand the chapter from NCERT

· Now refer to the class notes

· Try to derive the equation and understand the logic behind it

· Now read the same chapter from the reference book

· Start solving the relevant questions

Deriving A Pattern from The Past Years Question Papers

Candidates must solve question papers of the past 10 years for NEET preparation. When solving the Physics section of these question papers, try to find a pattern in the questions that are being asked in the examination. The pattern that has been observed by various experts is given in the table below.

Type of questions Number of questions asked in NEET Prep tips
Theory oriented/fact-based 15-20 Direct from NCERT
Numerical/derivation based 15-20 NCERT based
Logical concepts 5-10 Concepts are from NCERT Application of these concepts
Critical concept-based questions 5-10 Very difficult questions Determine the toppers

How to prepare for NEET Physics: What Should Be Your Approach for Solving This Section?

Sequence: This depends on your energy levels since NEET Physics requires focus and speed. If you are someone who is energetic at the beginning of the examination and can concentrate better during the initial hour, you must solve the Physics section first. However, if you are someone who starts slow and gains speed towards the end, keep the Physics section for the end. · 

Speed: When you finally start solving this section, it is important to maintain speed. Now is not the time to brainstorm. If you get stuck on a question, skip it and move to the next one. Come back to this one in the end.