How should one study to get 130 to 140 marks in the NEET physics 2020?

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Well, this is a very tricky question at this stage where you have merely 50 days for exams. However, here are a few things you can refer to track your study pattern and make necessary changes in order to improve your performance in Physics. By studying Physics from NCERT, you can easily achieve 70 marks, however, if work a little harder as mentioned below, then you can achieve 130+ in this subject.

If you have studied your concepts from NCERT well, then you must start studying from DC Pandey in order to enhance your preparations. The books you refer also play a very important role in your overall preparations.

Moving forward, it is important for you to ensure that the conceptual understanding of each topic is there. In physics, as mostly there are formulas, derivations, etc you need to learn and practice them thoroughly. In addition, there are many cases where you can just put the value and get the answers from the formulas. However, you must discern to do so.

Further, there’s no compromise in practicing Physics. How do you do so? Only practicing makes physics perfect. This means, be it MCQs, test series, mock tests, and previous years' papers, you need to practice all of them. On hellobachho, you can access such papers to enhance your preparations and practice.

Lastly, identify the areas which are weak and you need to polish those concepts. Ask from your coaching faculty or from us on Hellobachho App and ask questions directly from faculty to clear your doubts. But ensure that the conceptual understanding of important topics are achieved.

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