How should I prepare for the JEE 2021 if I have not studied well in class 11?

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JEE 2021 is going to happen in January 2021, so practically you have little less time if you have not studied well in Class XI.

But now in the rest of the time which you have, you need to determine to study hard.

Following are the things you need to keep in mind while you prepare for the JEE:

  1. Start with important topics that have higher weightage in the exam.

Physics: Some of the important topics are: Kinematics, Law of Motion, Work Power Energy, Rigid Body Dynamics and Rational Motion, Fluid Mechanics, Heat and Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory of Gases, Waves and Oscillations, Electrostatics, Magnetism, Current Electricity, Optics, Modern Physics, Alternating Current and Electromagnetic Induction.

Chemistry: Mole Concept, Atomic Structure, Periodicity, Chemical and Molecular Bonding, States of Matter, Electro chemistry and Redox reactions, Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium, General Organic Chemistry, Hydrogen, Solutions and Colligative Properties, Chemical Kinetics, Coordination compounds, P block , D&F block elements, Metallurgy.

Mathematics: Relations and Functions, Trigonometric Functions, Complex Numbers, Binomial Theorem, Sequences and Series, Straight lines and Family of lines, Conic Sections, Statistics, Matrices and Determinants, Limits Continuity and Differentiation, Application of Derivatives, Definite Integration, Vectors and 3D, Differential Equation, Probability, and Quadratic Equations.

2. You can take up online e-learning classes for JEE 2021 so that you do not have to study the entire syllabus from scratch.

3. Ensure that you do have conceptual understanding of these topics so that you do not make mistakes when the questions are tweaked. There’s nothing to mug up in Physics and Mathematics, Chemistry definitely you can mug up but of course, you’ll need to know the application too.

4. Make notes while you study any topic, that’s very important for you. It is very helpful for quick revisions and retaining the topics as well.

5. Practice more MCQs, Mock Tests as well as Previous Years Papers. These are essential ingredients for your success and we at Hellobachho highly recommend all the aspirants to practice more and more.

6. Identify the mistakes: While practicing Test series, you’ll come across many areas that need your attention and you will have to study them again. Revise and Revise but do not give up if you feel stuck.

7. If you have doubts, you can subscribe to Hellobachho Live Doubt session platforms so that you can get all your questions cleared.

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