How do I study class 12 chemistry for the NEET?

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We have been receiving this question from a lot of students who are preparing for NEET exams. Therefore, we at hellobachhohave listed the steps to follow so that you can score well in Chemistry.

Assuming that you have studied and prepared well your Class 11 NCERT for all 3 subjects, here’s what you need to study for class 12 Chemistry:

NCERT is a must for all 3 Subjects and you need to master it well!

Class 12 Chemistry: You can expect questions from Physical Chemistry. Some of the chapters to study are Solutions, Solid State for density and crystal structure related questions, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics for conceptual questions, Surface Chemistry.

Inorganic Chemistry- S and P block from NCERT

Coordination Chemistry- Prepare theories very well and you refer other materials too to polish and practice further. D and F block

Organic Chemistry- it is relatively scoring and you can score well. Topics like Name reactions, reagents, various tests, reaction sequences on your tips, etc can make you feel much more confident about your preparation.

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