How can I improve my inorganic chemistry for JEE?

access_time 2020-03-26T12:48:44.099Z face Swati Gupta JEE

Well, Inorganic Chemistry is actually the subject which is very scoring as you have to mug up most of the topics. At the same time, it is highly scorable. In fact, if you prepare it well then this subject can enhance your overall marks. This is totally Rattafication subject!

So let’s come to the point of improving in this subject:

  1. Mug up your complete NCERT from class XI and class XII. Learn the Periodical table word by word.
  2. Pick the right books: you can either go for OP Tandon which has a detailed explanation of the Topics as well as questions to practice or you can choose JD Lee for more and more theory.
  3. Take an online learning course that can help you with a conceptual understanding of all topics.
  4. Make Notes of your own right after you complete a topic. This will help you retain what you have learned and will also be very handy when you need to do revisions.
  5. Practice Mock Tests and Previous Years Solved Papers to be exam ready.

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