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We all know that Chandrayaan has been successfully launched but do we know these amazing facts about this mission which will make you more proud of ISRO:

  • This mission cost around 978 Crores INR which is one of the most cost-efficient missions in history. This mission is more cost-efficient than some of Hollywood latest releases, for Avengers Endgame was made on a budget of 2400 Crores INR.

  • Chandrayaan 2 will be the first to land and explore Moon’s south pole. This is the darkest part on Moon because it doesn’t get sunlight throughout the year. Scientists are hoping for new discoveries.

  • Do you Know Chandrayaan-2’s Bahubali connection? Actually, Chandrayaan was launched with ISRO’s Heavy-lift Rocket GSLV MK-111 which nicknamed as Bahubali. Very well named.

  • If successful then India will be the 4th country to have a soft-land on the lunar surface after the USA, Russia, and China. A great feat to achieve.

  • Lander named Vikram will touch down on the 48th day of the mission and release rover named Pragyan. We usually think it will directly travel and land on Moon but in reality, it has to align its movement/trajectory to Moon’s orbit for landing. Here is the image to give a rough idea.

  • ISRO wanted to test the rover, Pragyaan, on lunar soil-like substance so that the experiments on Moon go without a hitch. The moon's surface is covered with craters, rocks, and dust and its soil are of different texture. A report by IANS explained that importing lunar soil-like substance from the US was a costly affair. It was then ISRO looked for a local solution as its need was about 60-70 tonnes of soil. Many geologists had told ISRO that near Salem in Tamil Nadu there were "anorthosite" rocks "that would be similar to features of moon soil or regolith. The ISRO finalized to take the "anorthosite" rocks from Sithampoondi and Kunnamalai villages in Tamil Nadu for moon soil. The rocks were crushed to the required size and moved to Bengaluru where its Lunar Terrain Test Facility was located and the testbed created. Indians are best at Jugaad.

  • Initially, India was supposed to do this mission jointly with Russia but Russia pulled out its hand citing financial issue. Later India was also in talks with NASA because a few years back India didn’t have a proper rover technology and ISRO wanted NASA’s help to design a rover for this mission. This mission was planned for 2013–2014 but it got deployed because taking NASA’s help was costing India much and thus later ISRO decided to design and built a Rover on its own. We can proudly say that this entire mission is researched, designed and made in India.

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