What topic in Physics will have more weightage in NEET 2020?

access_time 2020-03-15T15:07:21.047Z face Swati Gupta
Out of all the three subjects in NEEt exams, Physics is considered to be the toughest one. Also, Physics holds 180 Marks out of 720 So here’s the break up for Physics in NEET exams: Class XI Syllabus: 76 Marks Laws of Motion Physical World and Measurement Oscillations and Waves is Important as you c...

What chapters fall under electromagnetism in the NEET 2020?

access_time 2020-03-14T11:13:45.023Z face Swati Gupta
Under Electromagnetism, the following chapters are what you need to study: Electromagnetic Induction Electromagnetic Waves Alternating Currents If you have any doubts or need any sort of clarification on these subjects, connect with us at hellobachho app If you want to enrol in hellobachho courses t...

How do I get at least 30 correct answers in the NEET in physics?

access_time 2020-03-09T13:47:05.344Z face Swati Gupta
So there are 45 questions in total which are asked in the Physics section. Class XI holds 19 Questions of 76 Marks and Class XII holds 26 questions of 104 Marks. Conceptual Understanding: First and foremost you need to have a clear understanding of all the topics from you NCERT and any other referen...

Is the physics of the NEET UG really hard?

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I won’t say it is hard, it is all rather subjective to your preparations. You need to understand that Physics is a subject that needs practice and only practicing physics can make you a master of this subject. Physics holds 180 Marks out of 720 marks in NEET UG. Mostly medical college aspirants find...

How should one study to get 130 to 140 marks in the NEET physics 2020?

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Well, this is a very tricky question at this stage where you have merely 50 days for exams. However, here are a few things you can refer to track your study pattern and make necessary changes in order to improve your performance in Physics. By studying Physics from NCERT, you can easily achieve 70 m...


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