What are some of the least important chapters for the NEET 2020?

access_time 2020-03-11T13:29:24.267Z face Swati Gupta
Instead of focusing only about the least important chapters, you should also focus on some of the important ones. Here, I have listed the important topics which you need to study in all 3 subjects Biology, Chemistry, and Physics for your NEET 2020 exam. Also, in the below article I have mentioned th...

How should I start a biology revision for the NEET 2020?

access_time 2020-03-11T11:59:45.965Z face Swati Gupta
Biology is a majorly theory for you to learn or say mug up. In your NEET 2020, Biology alone holds 360 Marks out 720 in Total. Therefore, if you have thoroughly studied each and every topic, you can easily score 300+ in Biology alone. Let me brief you a little bit about the Subject Chapter-wise brea...

Is the earthworm and frog topic included in the NEET 2020?

access_time 2020-03-11T10:49:58.657Z face Swati Gupta
No, in the current NEET 2020 UG Syllabus, Earthworm and Frog are not there in the Syllabus. Therefore you can skip these topics and move forward in practicing the important ones. Here, I have mentioned some of the important topics you need to prepare for your NEET 2020 exams. Only very few days are ...

Is it possible to score about 550 in the NEET 2020 within 74 days?

access_time 2020-03-11T10:28:28.012Z face Swati Gupta
Well, Yes it is possible for you to score 550+ in the NEET 2020 within 74 days of preparations if you have been doing the following things: Distant yourself from social media, weekend parties, overwhelming family friends, and any other form of distractions. Have thoroughly studied NCERT for all 3 su...

Is it true that the AIIMS 2020 will be conducted under the NEET?

access_time 2020-03-05T09:44:13.565Z face Swati Gupta
Yes, it is true that from now on both AIIMS and JIPMER are merged and NEET is the only exam you will have to appear to enter into any Medical College in India. It might not be true to say that the exam will be difficult than the previous year, however, the pattern is expected to remain the same as t...


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