What are some high yield content for the preparation of the NEET UG 2020?

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Although, NCERT is your Bible for NEET UG exams, however, there is no one book which can help get more than satisfactory marks. So first, I will talk about what you can achieve by studying only NCERT for NEET UG 2020. By thoroughly studying NCERT ( ), you can score 280-300+ in Biology,70–90+ in Phys...

Which is the best book for biology for NEET 2020?

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It is interesting to note that 80 to 85 questions from 90 are purely NCERT based wherein 70 are direct questions while 30 to 35 are from one-liners. The rest are conceptual and applied biology in day to day life. Therefore, NCERT is your bible and further, you need to practise MCQs from Fingertips b...

Which book should I use for the NEET 2020 preparation?

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As the NEET 2020 exams are approaching closer, we have come up with a list of books that you can refer to prepare for the NEET exams. By thoroughly studying NCERT ( ), you can score 280-300+ in Biology,70–90+ in Physics and chemistry. Biology: While Biology holds 360 Marks in your NEET exams, with t...

What will be the syllabus of NEET 2020?

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I hope this really helps you understand the Syllabus, structure, strategy for preparation, and books to refer. Before we start, let me tell you the weight-age that each subject carries. If by now, you have studied NCERT thoroughly which means for all subjects Biology, Physics, and Chemistry, you can...

What are the best MCQ biology books for NEET?

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Biology is the most scoring subject among all 3 subjects for NEET exams, it is essential to thoroughly study the same. We at hellobachho, encourage students to first thoroughly Study NCERT books. By Thoroughly studying NCERT Biology means learning everything word by word, labels by labels, and diagr...


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