Is the NCERT at fingertips enough for the biology NEET?

access_time 2020-03-04T05:05:14.929Z face Swati Gupta
A Big Yes here! As 90% of your Biology questions are from NCERT, Fingertips by MTG will help you practice the entire syllabus. For your information, Biology holds 360 Marks in your NEET exams and with the help of NCERT and MTG Fingertips can help you score 320+. All you need to do is to mug up NCERT...

Which book should I use for NEET 2020 preparation?

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Now that very little time is left for you to prepare, here’s a list of books you can cross-check if you have been following well. Firstly, NCERT is the bible book for NEET aspirant. However, only NCERt is not going to help you to score well in NEET exam, therefore, we recommend students to refer oth...

How can I prepare properly for NEET 2020? Which books should I prefer?

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As the NEET 2020 exams are approaching and you are left with very little time in hand, here’s a list of books that you can refer to prepare for the NEET exams. I’m sure you must be following some of them already. If by now you have been studying only NCERT, then you can score 280-300+ in Biology,70–...

How can I digest NCERT Biology properly and fast for the NEET 2020?

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Facts about Biology Subject in NEET UG: Your 80 to 85 questions from 90 questions in Biology section are purely NCERT based. Also, 70 questions are direct questions while 30 to 35 are from one-liners, diagrams, or twisted. The rest are conceptual and applied biology in day to day life. Here, treat N...

Is the NCERT enough for the 2020 NEET?

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Now that both JIPMER and AIIMS exams are eliminated and replaced only by NEET from 2020 onwards. Therefore, there’s no separate AIIMS and JIPMER exam for students who wish to take admissions in Medical college. However, there’s a slight chance that the exam might be tougher as the number of seats ha...


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